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ARENA: An Approach for the Automated Generation of Release Notes by Laura Moreno, Gabriele Bavota, Massimiliano Di Penta, Rocco Oliveto, Andrian Marcus and Gerardo Canfora

pubblicato 23 mar 2017, 03:24 da Gerardo Canfora
Release notes document corrections, enhancements, and, in general, changes that were implemented in a new release of a software project. They are usually created manually and may include hundreds of different items, such as descriptions of new features, bug fixes, structural changes, new or deprecated APIs, and changes to software licenses. Thus, producing them can be a time-consuming and daunting task. This paper describes ARENA (Automatic RElease Notes generAtor), an approach for the automatic generation of release notes. ARENA extracts changes from the source code, summarizes them, and integrates them with information from versioning systems and issue trackers. ARENA was designed based on the manual analysis of 990 existing release notes. In order to evaluate the quality of the release notes automatically generated by ARENA, we performed four empirical studies involving a total of 56 participants (48 professional developers and 8 students). The obtained results indicate that the generated release notes are very good approximations of the ones manually produced by developers and often include important information that is missing in the manually created release notes.
IEEE Trans. Software Eng. 43(2): 106-127 (2017)
Gerardo Canfora,
23 mar 2017, 03:24