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Sip2Share: A middleware for mobile peer-to-peer computing by G. Canfora and F. Melillo

pubblicato 25 lug 2012, 05:26 da Gerardo Canfora
The growing success of mobile devices is enabling a new class of applications that overcome the traditional models of desktop applications and web browsing, and embrace entirely new ways of computing. Service- oriented computing and the rapidly growing power of mobile devices are the key ingredients of a new gener- ation of low-cost, lightweight applications where mobile devices are no longer intended as a means to access server-side data and functionality, but as a source of services that other devices can discover and invoke. In this paper we introduce Sip2Share, a middleware that allows for publishing, discovering and invoking ser- vices in a peer-to-peer network of Android devices. A characteristics of our middleware is that services are advertised, discovered and called using the same native mechanisms of the Android platform, i.e. intent, manifests and broadcast receivers.
7th International Conference on Software Paradigm Trends (ICSOFT 2012)
Gerardo Canfora,
25 lug 2012, 05:26